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Red wine gifts in the UK are becoming more and more popular as wine becomes more readily accessible both in the shops and online. This wine is no exception, the stunning Mas du Soleilla Le Petit Mars 2011 has become a favourite among many for it's spicy, black cherry and plum flavourings. This wine is from the Languedoc region in France and is predominately made from the Grenache Noir grape, which gives it its deep ruby colouring. When poured into a glass in the sunlight, the wine sparkles deep red and looks as beautiful as it tastes. This gift box including rouge wine is beautifully presented in a stunning faux leather gift case. The case comes with a "Grand amateur De Vin" medallion carefully stitched onto the front of the luxurious box, making it a truly luxurious gift for all red wine fans. This luxury red wine gift box is a brilliant idea for red wine lovers everywhere! It includes a bottle of the beautiful Domaine Parigot Pommard 'Close de le Chaniere' 1er Cru 2009, which no wine enthusiast will be able to resist. This is an exceptional Pinot Noir, with plenty of ripe red fruits such as strawberries, cherries and cranberries on the nose. This Pinot Noir is a perfect after dinner treat as its silky smooth texture cleanses the palate, and leaves a smoky, spicy quality to a fruity finish. This wine is presented in a stunning single bottle gift case made of faux leather with elegant stitched seams and a clever strap to keep your wine safe and secure until you decide to indulge! wine paring 酒配對 wine party 酒會 Chile Wine 智利酒 wine tasting event 品酒會 You may also get a whiff of other common aromas like woodsy, Smokey, coffee, tobacco, chocolates, earthy or floral.The next step in wine tasting is to actually sip the red wine and allow it to make contact with your palate and tongue where the taste buds are. The taste of red wine is often judged on its Balance. Firstly, how the fruit, the sugar, the acid and the tannin come together in the wine. Second the Finish, this is the taste left in your mouth after swallowing. Then lastly its complexity, the number of flavors you can detect in the wine that you have just swallowed. The more "complex" wine is, usually suggests a much better quality, having a higher flavor intensity and longer finish. Make sure when you are tasting that you have a proper red wine glass, one that is close to a third to three quarters full of wine. Swirl the wine around the bottom of the glass vigorously, releasing the alcohol and bringing bubbles to the top. Place your nose into the rim of the glass and deeply inhale the aroma of your wine. Your red wine may smell of light red fruits - cherry, raspberry, strawberry or currants; of dark red fruit - blackberry, black currant, blueberry, plum or raisin; or spicy - liquorice, anise, black pepper, cloves or cinnamon.